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I hear a lot of things about wedding photographers when I meet people and hear what they have to say about my best job ever!
People have a lot of questions about being a wedding photographer,  so I thought I'd share some things I've learned along the way and answer some of the most frequently asked questions!

Brisbane Wedding photographer1 - "Don't you get scared of working with Bridezillas?"
Simple answer, No.

I find that the term bride or groomzilla relates to people who happen to be really organised and invested in creating a great day for their friends, families and to celebrate the love of their life. Feelings, expectations and stress can be amplified in the lead up to the big day and different people cope in different ways, but I find that just because you're getting married doesn't mean you're a 'zilla. In fact, I'm kind of in love with the term "Bridechilla" or "Groomchilla" to describe the couples I have worked with!

2 - "Why is wedding photography more expensive than other types of photography?

Because the cost of doing the things is crazy! We have insurance, time to answer emails, meet clients, learn new things, location scout, edit (it takes longer than the time of the wedding to edit it), travel to get to your wedding, purchasing USBs, maintaining our equipment (there's a lovely man that winces when he sees me walk through the door for a sensor clean), advertising, website maintenance... and the list goes on! Small business is an expensive thing to maintain and there's a long more going on underneath the surface than the amazing day of photographing!

3 - "Isn't every wedding the same? Don't you get sick of being a wedding photographer?"Currumbin wedding photographerSimple answer, not even the littlest bit!
I've been a part of over 70 couple's big days and if anything, I am more passionate about weddings now than when I began. Even if I've photographed at the same venue, every single time it is different because the people are different and people are what makes celebrations so awesome.

4 - "I bet you've seen some things!"
Simple answer: Yes, I've seen many people make out 
I've seen big expensive weddings, tiny expensive weddings, cheap weddings and ones in between. I've seen young couples, older couples, couples with children, couples with furbabies, gay couples, inter-race couples, inter-faith couples and everyone else stand in front of their friends and family and declare their love for all to see. I've cried and laughed at just about every single one of them, too, and it has been the second greatest adventure of my life so far (second only to the life I share with my boys).

5 - "I bet you make a bomb, anything w-related is more expensive!"
Simple answer, Have you seen my prices?
Ha, Next question. My pricing starts at $750, I'm not buying a ferrari anytime soon.

6 - Bonus question - Do you like what you do?
No, I actually love it.

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