Maleny Retreat Elopement – Alison + Joe

Maleny Retreat Elopement

Maleny Retreat is seriously such a gorgeous spot to elope! When Alison first contacted me, she described the two of them as "not really wedding people" and just wanted to be married and celebrate each other without the fuss. Can I just say, these guys totally nailed the brief!

Maleny retreat: Perfect, having the glasshouse mountains as your ceremony backdrop creates this sense of place
Guests: 8. All family!
Reception: A picnic that had to be moved undercover because of the EPIC gale force winds
Dress: Asos!
Ceremony: Roxy Hotten - I have never worked with Roxy before, but boom, we've worked together twice in the same month. She's the real dealio - genuine, calm, funny and creates a really personal ceremony.

All of these things added up to create a relaxed, natural wedding day vibe and helped these guys feel married.

We were also surprised with winds that were so intense that we felt we could almost have been swept up at times. It totally worked in our favour for portraits though, because Alison would have frozen without Joe keeping her warm!

Now, as for photography - Alison and Joe really wanted a few nice photos as the two of them don't really exist in photos together. Which means this is the first time they'd been photographed together and they were awesome. Totally themselves in the cold and it was amazing. We seriously had the best time! Don't just take my word for it, this is what Alison had to say:

"...I am blown away by how perfectly you captured everything. Not only that, but you got along famously with us and our guests, and were constantly giving us the giggles with your great sense of humour. AND at every turn you were helping out with food, or fetching things, making sure everyone had something to eat...I mean is there anything you don't do? 10/10 would stand out in the cold gale-force winds to be photographed by you again!"

So for now, grab a cuppa and see what I mean!

Maleny Retreat

Roxy Hotten

Maleny Florist

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