Jenna and Jade’s DIY wedding at Pt Arkwright

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There's a lot been said about same sex marriage in the news of late, in fact, it's been a pretty hot topic. Let's put the news aside for a moment and grab a cup of tea and read about a good old fashioned love story, featuring Jade and Jenna.

Their story begins, as so many don't, with Jenna not being able to operate the straw dispenser at a club in Brisbane. Jade saw the opportunity and that was that - these two have been inseparable since then!

Jade and Jenna's wedding at Pt Arkwright was a DIY affair that spanned from the Point, down to Mudjimba. Jenna made their arbour, her mum helped with the catering, they decorated the hall together, Jenna made their flowers - totally my favourite kind of wedding when a community gathers around to really celebrate two people! Their dog, Samson, was able to see his mums get ready and popped in for a few photos!

One of my favourite parts of the day was the speeches! I love speeches as I have never heard your embarrassing stories before... both women's sisters shared stories of how much the two had grown together and there wasn't a dry eye in the house - from laughter and all the feels!

It's all fine and dandy to hear me talk about their day, but here is what Jenna and Jade had to say when they received their pics:

You are a magic worker behind the lens - i have no idea how you managed to make our simple DIY day look like a fairytale"

Man, my job is seriously the best!

Totally DIY

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