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Gold Coast Photographer

Gold Coast Photographer

This is the short story: I am surrounded by amazing humans who challenge me to do things like play with coloured smoke. The long story? Well...
Legend has it that before there was Short and Simple Photography, I was part of another studio. In that time I met a hair and make up artist. She had vivid hair, a laugh that made you want to laugh too and an excellent ability to make people look like their best selves. This was, of course, Laura from Peekaboo Hair and Makeup.

When I launched Short and Simple, I decided to branch out and play, experiment with all sorts of photography and grow some new skills. I've tried different lighting, different styles of shooting - all sorts of things. I believe that this sense of play and adventure is going to make me a better photographer, better equipped to handle the unique challenges of a wedding day! When I was talking to Laura about all of this, she suggested a shoot. "Smoke, I want smoke. I'm feeling ORANGE." and that's how this one was started.

A cheap dress, a family property in Toorbul and a heap of smoke cartridges from Coloured Smoke Australia and we created a little bit of magic. The day was rainy, there was a king tide so some of the locations were rained out (aka the bridges were flooded) and the mosquitoes! Oh my gosh! I have NEVER fed so many flying monsters in my life! There's video of me somewhere cursing as I was being eaten alive. I'd get caught in the moment, the magic behind the camera, change positions and be slapped by either Jess (Laura's fabulous friend and our divine muse for the day) or Laura to be rid of the bloodsuckers.

And you know what? Worth it. Worth it all. I am so proud of our collaboration. I hope you enjoy them, too x

Want your own creative smoke photography session? Contact Lara and let's create some magic!

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