Brisbane Riverlife Wedding Photography

Anna and Cam's riverlife wedding was a beautiful, fairy light lit night of dancing, frivolity and feelings.

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When you think about Anna and Cam getting married, you begin to realise that it was almost just a matter of time before it happened. They went to neighbouring schools and their friendship groups crossed over, but there wasn't that spark... until on a night out in the Valley (such a Brisbane love story), Anna's friends ran late to meet her and of all the people in the world, who should she bump into but Cam? They talked, hung out and he dragged her to watch a friend's band. Now music has always been super important to Anna so imagine her joy when the band was amazing and she thought pretty highly of Cam's music taste...

A few dates later, she'd realised she'd been bamboozled by that first band and Cam's music taste wasn't quite as excellent as she'd been led to believe, but by then she saw Cam's other amazing qualities and the magic was woven.

Fast forward moving in together, building their life together and a surprise proposal and wedding planning in FOUR MONTHS (!!!!!) and their riverlife wedding was a really special event to be a part of.

Thanks so much for having us along, team!

This was a two photographer, 8 hour wedding!

Dream Team Credits:

Getting Ready venue: Stamford Hotel
Wedding Venue: Riverlife
Florist: Me!
Cake: A childhood Bestie named B
Stationery: A childhood bestie named B
Anna's Dress: Nancy Khau

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