About Lara

I am SO excited that you have made it here!

Not just to the about Lara page, but the place where you guys have decided to tie the knot, jump the broomstick or elope into the wilderness together. What a gorgeous place to be in life, with your best friend and soon to be married spouse! Congratulations!

I am Lara - a human who is still so excited to be a part of a couple's adventure together, even 4 years after photographing my first wedding. I've learned a lot in that time, not least of all about how dorky I am. There's not a lot I won't do to keep couples relaxed and laughing! I am, how does one say, not the most comfortable person in FRONT of the camera, so I go out of my way to make sure that you are comfortable. You should ask me about my best (worst) joke... 

When you meet me, you'll see quickly that Short and Simple seems like it doesn't quite make sense because I am quite tall. The name exists because I offer relatively short coverage. As for simple, well that is because the booking process and photography process is relatively simple, as opposed to my complicated coffee order.

I am also a crazy dog lady who is owned by a pomeranian named Duke. 
He's the studio manager and boss dog!

Got more questions? Get in touch here and let's get talking!

Duke the office manager

Duke, Studio Manager

This is Duke, he only has 3 legs but that doesn't stop him from managing the studio effectively! His role in Short and Simple is to help with editing, greeting at the gate and making sure that breaks happen frequently enough to play ball. He enjoys eating, playing fetch and being the boss!